The Cat Under the Lantern

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On the darkest night,
When the stars shine bright,
And the feline, alone,
With his eyes alight,
Gazes out at you,
His expression true,
To the atmosphere,
And his crooked view.

In this twinkling gloam,
Do you have a home,
To which you can go,
And not be alone?
Well, this cat does not.
He sits in this spot,
And watches the night,
With all he’s got;

His yellow eyes wide,
No effort to hide,
He watches you close;
Your every stride.
And when his fright
Has passed the night,
As dawn approaches,
He’ll take his flight.

But as dusk arrives,
His infinite lives,
Will bring his return,
And those lanternous eyes
Will shine out again,
In some where or when,
Watching the night,
Unfold and begin…

~ Phoebe Grant

© The Fairy Tale Garden 2017

All images public domain

Published by

Christyl aka Chrissy Lorraine

Christyl aka Chrissy Lorraine is an artist, photographer, and writer who crochets, gardens, draws, paints, takes photos, and composes under a variety of pen names, each one specific to a particular genre: Amarine Rose Ravenwood is for her feminine poetry - Saoirse Fae is for her fairy tales and fairy-tale poetry - Mina Marial Nicoli is for her children's stories and poetry - and Phoebe Grant is for her light horror fairy tales and her darker, Halloween-type poetry. Preteen and teenage fantasy fiction are under Chrissy Lorraine. She is also the owner/publisher of The Literary Librarian - an e-zine dedicated to publishing poetry and interviews with various poets and authors from around the world. Profile photo photography by Somastars Creations

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