Author’s Bio

Chrissy Snow Smile 10-26-2020

Chrissy Hall writes largely whimsical short stories, silly poetry, fairy tales, children’s stories, and fantasy fiction for preteens and young adult readers under the pen names of Amarine Rose Ravenwood (for preteen, young adult, and miscellaneous writing), Mina Marial Nicoli (for children’s literature), Saoirse Fae (for fairy tales and fairy-tale poetry), and Phoebe Grant (for horror genre writing). She has been writing for the joy of it since she was around 11 years old. She also writes true-life fairy tales and stories of womanly experiences for article publications upon request. In addition to all of this, Chrissy also edits (content editing, copy-editing, and proofreading) short stories, novellas, anthologies, and novel manuscripts in the genres of fantasy and horror. Chrissy loves to draw and crochet, play the piano, and garden, and she lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA.